Lone Tree Manor has a long history. In the beginning of the 1900's,
it was called Lone Tree Inn Tavern and was Al Capone's favorite spot in Niles, IL.
In 1986, Maria Wojdyla purchased the venue and built
 the new banquet area giving it 1400 square feet.
Wojdyla truly believed in Lone Tree and it's importance to the community as well as its history.

In 2016,  the Lone Tree Manor  passed into the  hands
 of the younger generation of the Wojdyla Family.
Current owner, Anna & Tomek believes that everybody is to be treated as family
and that every event should look amazing. They  constantly strive to make
 improvements in the  overall look as well as the service.
Lone Tree's fine kitchen delivers exceptional
homemade european cuisine and also fine american food.
The instilled traditions of Lone Tree Manor is noticed
in every event in which we take pride in!